Who We Are

The Power of Thinking Big and Be Creative.............

To us the ability to ‘Think BIG’ is one of the cornerstones of extreme success.

According to Globaldent Group of Companies , principal analyst at Business Research, Good-service increases customer satisfaction and lowers costs for the business. So it makes a lot of business success.

Our Growth started with the Globaldent Software Company (www.globaldent.in) ,Which was dedicated to Medical & Dental Professionals.

Our business intelligence solutions on the Medical in Global market . Which treat as innovation and business success in Global market.

Growth is about constantly challenging and stretching ourselves,both personally and professionally. With Own potential through learning, bravery and jumping to the Next Level of business in Paper Industries. A new company born in the Name of Moderncards (www.moderncards.in). Which was Born to invent new items with future technology in Note Books. The Brand name called Green Apple. We are the Perfect School Note Book Manufacturers.

Next Step we offer the most Powerful medical Service. We think future Diagnosis & treatment ............................ Butterfly Dental Care(www.butterflydentalcare.in) - Madurai Multispeciality Dental Hospital !