Dental Accidents & Traumas

We provide priority emergency dental care services for dental traumas and severe tooth pain that are caused by automobile accidents, school accidents, at home accidents, slip and falls and more. Dental trauma is the branch that treats accidents leading to the damage of teeth and their support structures (bone and gum). Dental trauma is frequent, whether it be the young child learning to walk, the fearless adolescent, or the adult sports enthusiast.

Our team follows regular training sessions on dental trauma in the event of a dental accident.

Examples of Dental Injury due to Accident may include: - Avulsed Teeth - Dislodged Teeth - Chipped Teeth - Root Injuries Even though they may sometimes seem mild, painless and asymptomatic to the point that they may go unnoticed, one should make it a priority to see a dentist as soon as they can to avoid future, perhaps more severe dental problems. With our highly sophisticated dental equipment, technology and expertise, we have the solutions for you in case you‘ve just suffered or recently sustained a Dental Injury due to Accident. Feel free to contact us anytime or visit us right away if you need specialized traumatic dental injury treatment by one of our dentists.

Jaw Fracture - Treatment Guidelines

Manual re-positioning or re-positioning with forceps of displaced segment. Stabilize the fracture with splint using inter-maxillary immobilization for 6 weeks. An alternative treatment is surgical re-positioning and stabilization using plating (open reduction). In this case inter-maxillary splinting can usually be avoided.