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Self Ligating Braces
Self Ligating Braces do not need O-rings mainly less discomfort (due to lower forces), less appointments are necessary in total, treatment duration may be reduced and it is easier to clean your teeth (which reduces the risk of decay or gum disease)

Stainless Steel Braces

These are the mainstay of orthodontic practices. They require either wire ties or elastic ties (O-rings) to hold the wire in the braces. Coloured O-rings can be used with stainless steel braces to customise your smile.. Ceramic Braces (Tooth Coloured or Clear)


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Ceramic Braces (Tooth Coloured or Clear)

These are much less obvious as they are tooth coloured and so blend in very well with your teeth. Generally they are only placed on the upper teeth as they can be quite abrasive.

Lingual Braces

Lingual Braces are attached to the inside surface of the teeth and cannot be seen. . They are also more difficult to adjust, hence the total treatment duration is normally greater.

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